Volume & Issue: Volume 1, Issue 3 ((Special Issue: papers selected from ICLS22, Istanbul, Turkey)) 

Review paper

Application of CRISPR/Cas9 in Breast Cancer Treatment: A Mini Review

Pages 104-113


Mirela Tabaku; Nooshin Amini; Hadis Rostami Motamed

C-phycocyanin: A Valuable Combination for the Production of Healthy and Useful Ice Cream

Pages 117-117


Paniz Abdi Soufi; Solaleh Javadi Male; Ali Ahmari; Nargess Abdali; Seyedeh Naeimeh Taghizadeh Diva

The Healing Effects of Nigella sativa Gel on Oral Traumatic Ulcer

Pages 118-118


Elham Sadat Afraz; Sohrab Kazemi; Fateme Ghaneei; Ali Deljooi; Sara Khorasanian

The Cytotoxic Effects of 5FU on Hek293 and HeLa Cells in vitro

Pages 128-133


Safieh Arabnezhad; Hanieh Mani; Paniz Gordi; Rahim Ahmadi

In vitro Cytotoxic Effects of Sertraline on Normal Cells

Pages 134-140


Fatemeh Amini Khodashahri; Paniz Gordi; Maryam Kazempour Sammak; Hanie Mani

The Cytotoxic Effects Biocompatible Nanobubbles Carrying Quercetin on Non-small-cell Lung Carcinoma Cells

Pages 141-146


Erfaneh Dalghi; Hosein Shahsavarani; Mohammad Reza Ghalamboran; Behrad Shaghaghi; Nader Nikkam

Review paper

Association of Electric and Magnetic Fields with Cancer

Pages 165-171


Büşra Günay; Fariba Momeni Torkaman

The Effects of Authophagy Related Atg6 Gene on Cellular Apoptotic Process

Pages 191-191


Busra Gunay; Ebru Goncu; Esen Poyraz Tinartas; Tuğçe Ergin; Gamze Turgay Izzetoglu

High Expression of MUC13 Is Associated with Tumor Development in Chemically Induced Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Pages 192-192


Shabnam Malik; Mohammed Sikander; Swatantra K. Jain; Deepshikha P. Katare; Subhash C. Chauhan; Meena Jaggi


Cucurbitacin D: An Innovative Approach for Metastatic Prostate Cancer Treatment

Pages 201-201


Mohammed Sikander; Shabnam Malik; Subhash C. Chauhan; Meena Jaggi

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