Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 2 (Special Issue: Abstract and Papers from ICLS23 (Turkey), ICNFEAS23 (Turkey)) 

Review paper

Synergistic Approach of Nanotechnology and Genomic Tools to Improve Farmer Health and Productivity

Pages 314-318


Hasta Handayani Idrus; Basri Modding; Salim Basalamah; Nona Rahmaida Puetri; . Khariri

Health Risk Assessment on DNA Damage in Buccal Cell among Manufacturing Paint Workers

Pages 327-327


Nurul Afiqah Saironi; Nurul Amalina Abd Aziz; Nurul Farahana Kamaludin; Farah Wahida Ibrahim; Kok Meng Chan

Spatiotemporal Precipitation Trends and Associated Large-Scale Teleconnections in Northern Pakistan

Pages 329-329


Ansa Rebi; Azfar Hussain; Ishtiaq Hussain; Jianhua Cao; Waheed Ullah; Haider Abbas; Safi Ullah; Jinxing Zhou

Valorization of Unusable-Farmed Mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis) by Estimating Their Content of Bioactive Compounds

Pages 333-333


Nabila Boukhari Benahmed Daidj; Rayhana Bendella Bendella; Sabrine Louala; Myriem Lamri-Senhadji

Exploring Prolificacy-Associated Gene Polymorphism in Algerian Sheep Breeds

Pages 339-339


Fatima Zohra Mahammi; Assia Hadjazi; Sara Mouffok; Nacera Tabet-Aoul

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Special Issue: Abstract and Papers from ICBMS23 (Turkey), ICBM23 (Hungary), ICCMM23 (Italy)
Special Issue: Abstract and Papers from ICLS23 (Turkey), ICNFEAS23 (Turkey)
( Special Issue: Abstracts and papers from ICBMS23, Budapest, Hungary)