Investigating the Biodiversity Birds in Arak Forest Park

Document Type : Original paper


Master of Environmental Sciences, Arak Municipality, Iran


This research aims to investigate the diversity, density, and distribution of birds in Shahid Bahonar Arak Forest Park during the spring, summer, and autumn seasons. From April to December 2020, bird species in Shahid Bahonar Arak Forest Park were identified and quantified using the point counting method at 12 designated stations. A total of 21 bird species were observed in the park, with common swifts, Syrian woodpeckers, house sparrows, rock doves, and rooks identified as nesting species in the forest park. House sparrows exhibited the highest abundance across all three seasons. Calculation of biological indicators revealed that spring exhibited the highest species richness (3.07), summer demonstrated the highest species diversity (3.36), and autumn displayed the highest bird density (0.86) along with the highest species uniformity (0.58). Analyzing the distribution and species richness of bird counting stations in each season indicated that the first station had higher species richness compared to the other stations. Proximity to the water pool, the presence of birds in the zoo, audible bird calls, and an increase in insect abundance for feeding are considered contributing factors to this observation.


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