Investigating the Impact of a Bioactive Nitro Derivative of Pyrimidine on Human Breast Cancer (MCF-7) Cells through Flow Cytometry and Western Blot Analysis

Document Type : Original paper


1 Department of Biology, Faculty of Basic sciences, Central Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

2 Pediatric Department, University Hospital "Mother Teresa", Tirana, Albania


Background and Aim: Breast cancer is a significant worldwide health issue, highlighting the need for innovative therapeutic approaches. This study aims to explore the impact of a bioactive nitro derivative of pyrimidine on human breast cancer cells (MCF-7) using flow cytometry and western blot analysis.
Materials and Methods: The structure and properties of 2,6-diamino-5-((5-methylisoxazole-3-yl) diazenyl) pyrimidin-4-ol (referred to as compound 3B) were confirmed through IR-FT, NMR-C, and NMR-H analyses. MCF-7 cells were treated with various concentrations of the compound, and its effects on cell viability, proliferation, and apoptosis were evaluated using flow cytometry. Additionally, western blot analysis was employed to assess changes in the expression of key proteins associated with cell survival, proliferation, and apoptosis.
Results: Compound 3B exhibited notable cytotoxic effects on MCF7 cells, leading to apoptosis as confirmed by flow cytometry analysis. The western blot results revealed a significant decrease in the levels of HSP70, P53, and Bcl-2 proteins, indicating their downregulation upon treatment with compound 3B. Conversely, there was an observed increase in the levels of Noxa, Bad, and Apaf-1 proteins, suggesting their upregulation in response to compound 3B treatment.
Conclusion: These findings highlight the impact of compound 3B on the regulation of key proteins involved in cell survival, apoptosis, and cellular pathways associated with cancer progression in MCF7 cells. Further studies are warranted to elucidate the underlying mechanisms and explore the therapeutic potential of compound 3B as a promising candidate for breast cancer treatment.


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Volume 2, Issue 1
( Special Issue: Abstracts and papers from ICBMS23, Budapest, Hungary)
Pages 117-122
  • Receive Date: 25 June 2023
  • Revise Date: 02 July 2023
  • Accept Date: 11 July 2023